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Главная Жилой Automatic Room Металл безопасности Дверной доводчик 75кг

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US $67.39
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В door closer is used to close a door automatically each time it is opened. This piece of Door Closer Adjustment contains a hydraulic-based mechanism. Automatic Door Closer can be adjusted to make the door close more slowly or quickly and can also be used to hold the door fully open for a moment before beginning the closing process. They can take the place of a door stop to prevent damage to walls and can also be adjusted to make a door latch more firmly and securely. The door closer is a great alternative for use on interior and light weight exterior door applications. The door closer compact design has the features and appearance of a full size closer but requires less space on a door for installation, and provides complete functionality for any opening. So what are you still waiting for?

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  • Specifications:

    • Easy installation Door Closer Adjustment
    • This automatic door closer reduces door time and cost to refrigeration
    • Door closer glides door closed quickly and positively
    • В автоматический доводчик adds value and savings to operation beyond price of unit
    • Door closer device shuts the basement door automatically to help prevent accidents
    • УстановкаРазмер: 162 x 22mm / 6.38 x 0.87in(L x W)
    • Door Weight Range: 45~75kg / 99.2~165.35lb
    • Door Size: 1000 x 2100mm / 39.37 x 92.68in (L x W)
    • Размер: 179 x 40 x 65mm / 7.05 x 1.57 x 2.56in


    Главная Жилой Automatic Room Металл безопасности Дверной доводчик 75кг

    • This automatic door closer reduces door time and cost to refrigeration

    Дверной доводчик

    • Door closer glides door closed quickly and positively

    Home Residential Automatic Room Metal Security Door Closer 75kg
    Home Residential Automatic Room Metal Security Door Closer 75kg

    • В residential door closer adds value and savings to operation beyond price of unit

    Главная Жилой Automatic Room Металл безопасности Дверной доводчик 75кг

    Дверной доводчик

    • Door closer device shuts the basement door automatically to help prevent accidents

    How does a Door Closer Work?

    • During an average day, almost everybody comes in contact with a wide variety of door closers, both automatic and manual in nature. Door closers are used in everything from the screen door at the front of your house to the front door of your workplace. In fact, door closers can be found in one way or another in just about every commercial building. They are a requirement for fire doors. The reason for this is that fire doors must remain closed at all times when they are not in use, and by including a manual door closer, this ensures that the door stays closed
    • The first door closer was a simple spring. One end of the spring was attached to an anchor point on the door frame and the other end was attached to the door. These springs were fairly effective, but they had the obvious problem of slamming the door closed when the spring contracted to its resting position. It also made it difficult to close a door containing glass without breaking it
    • The replacement for simple spring door closers became the pneumatic system door closer. This is the current standard for screen and glass doors for homes. The pneumatic system door closer works by an internal piston drawing air into the chamber while compressing an internal spring when the door is opened, and then slowly leaking the air out of the chamber as the spring pushes the piston back, closing the door. A similar system is used in the commercial door versions with the main difference being that many commercial door closers use a hydraulic damper. This is a fluid-filled chamber that gradually releases the pressure to close the door more slowly
    • Electric door closers, also known as automatic door closers, use motors to control the opening and closing of doors. They are triggered from a variety of mechanisms, the most common of which is a motion or proximity sensor. This sensor detects motion within a designated area and opens the door. The sensor stays active until the person leaves the designated area before closing the door. Another common mechanism is the push button, seen mostly on or around doors designed for the disabled. The door runs on a track installed into the door frame and is controlled by a drive motor that is programmed to open and close the door at a specific speed that meets the requirements of the Power Operated Pedestrian Door Standard, a rule developed by hardware manufacturers in coordination with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

    How to Adjust a Door Closer:

    • Set the spring power. This setting ranges from 1 to 6 on most closers, with level 6 being the strongest possible setting. The average closer starts at level 3, and you must turn an adjustment screw or nut on the closer body to change this setting. Many installers fail to perform this step during initial installation, resulting in poor performance. If you have a large or heavy door, the spring power should be higher. On a lighter or smaller door, the spring power should be set lower. Consult your installation instructions to find the right power for your door or experiment with different settings until you find one that works.
    • Adjust the closing speed. Open the door completely and watch as it closes. The speed that the door moves from fully open to just before it latches is known as "closing" or "main" speed. It is adjusted using a small valve marked with a "C" or "S." Turn this valve clockwise to make the door close more slowly or counterclockwise to increase closing speed.
    • Set the latch speed. The speed during the last 10 to 15 degrees before closing is the latch speed and is adjusted using a valve that is marked with an "L." Use an Allen wrench to turn this valve clockwise to slow latching or counterclockwise to speed it up. Total closing and latching time should range from three to seven seconds.
    • Determine the desired level of back check. Back check is used to reduce the distance that the door can swing open, which can keep the door from damaging walls or furnishings. Turn the back check valve counterclockwise if you want the door to open further or turn it clockwise to limit how far the door can open.
    • Decide if the delayed closing feature is needed. This feature holds the door open for a moment before it starts the closing process. It can be useful for elderly occupants or children--anyone who may need more time to enter and to exit. The delay valve is adjusted using an Allen wrench or screwdriver. Turn the valve clockwise to increase delay time or counterclockwise to decrease delay.

    Пакет Включено:

    • 1 x  Door Closer

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