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Stainless Steel Insulated 2 Tier Bento Lunch Box

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US $54.99
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  • Vacuum insulation keeps food hot or cold to preserve flavor and freshness.
  • The stylish insulated lunch box is easy to clean & compact for easy carry.
Вre you looking for something to keep the food well? Here recommend you this apple shaped Bento Lunch Box. The bento lunch box will meet your needs. This beautiful insulated lunch box is made of stainless steel and plastic, which is sturdy and durable for long time use. Stainless steel lunch box is nontoxic and does no harm to your health. And this insulated lunch box is corrosion resistant, which can be widely used and meet different needs. What’s more, this best lunch box is easy to clean and it is compact for easy carry. And this lunch box is perfect for bringing lunch to school or to the office. It will sure make your lunch time more fun and tasty. With this box, you can enjoy your fresh and delicious meals. This bento lunch box is really a good assistant for your daily life. You can’t miss it!

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  • Specifications:

    • Bento Lunch Box is the ideal way to pack nutritious, travel-friendly meals and so on
    • Pass the safety inspection based on the food sanitation law
    • This apple shaped insulated lunch box is perfectly for bringing lunch to school or to the office
    • This bento lunch box will make your lunch time more fun and tasty
    • Durable, attractive, what's more, this best lunch box is easy to clean and it is compact for easy carry
    • With this stainless steel lunch box, you can enjoy your fresh and delicious meals
    • This bento lunch box is really a good assistant for your daily life
    • Wonderful treat for yourself or an ideal gift
    • Материал: Stainless Steel & Plastic 
    • Size: 170 x 120mm / 6.7 x 4.7in (Dia. x H) 


    Wesger нержавеющей стали с изоляцией 2 Tier Bento Lunch Box
    Wesger Stainless Steel Insulated 2 Tier Bento Lunch Box
    Изолированная Lunch Box
    Нержавеющая сталь Lunch Box
    Wesger Stainless Steel Insulated 2 Tier Bento Lunch Box

    Bento Box Ideas:

    Bento box lunches originated in Japan. The bento box is a single serving box, made of plastic, lacquered or disposable materials and is sold on the street and in convenience stores. Many Japanese people prepare a bento box lunch for themselves at home, and it is part of their culture for the wife and mother to prepare them for her family. A bento box consists of Japanese food such as rice, fish and vegetables. But there are many more options you can try to prepare a bento lunch for yourself or family.

    Bento For Kids:

    • Bento-style lunch boxes are available in fun colors and with fun characters on them, just for kids. One idea for a bento box is to make fresh fruit skewers with grapes and melon balls. Make faux sushi by spreading strawberry cream cheese and putting slices of banana between white bread. Cut the bread into small squares. Hard cook an egg and cut it into slices for protein. Cut fun shapes out of cheese with cookie cutters and include crackers. Slice cucumbers and other vegetables to include in one of the bento compartments.

    Fast and Simple Bento:

    • Like much in Japanese culture, bento boxes are prepared with an idea of specific portions of food in mind, as well as presentation. If you don't have time to prepare several different things or cut food into different shapes, you can have your own cold stir-fry bento. Simply steam vegetables and grill or saute strips of chicken separately. Prepare rice and include a container of any desired sauce to dip your food in.

    Leftovers Bento:

    • The easiest bento lunch you can prepare is one that has been prepared previously. The bento box, which is separated into small compartments, is perfect for your leftovers from dinner. Just spoon in a portion of each part of the meal into one of the cubbies in the box.

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    • 1 х Lunch Box
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