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Главная стали вольфрама Когтерез маникюрные наборы Набор 14pcs

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US $47.99
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И Мидот; Заказе на сумму более $ 20,00 получите бесплатные услуги слежения через воздушную почту
Вre you looking for a practical manicure kit these days? If you can stop for several seconds and come to our store, you will find what you need here.The home manicure kits in our store are durable and can be used for a long time. The home manicure kits are great for nursing your hand, feet and eyebrow etc... If you really want to get professional manicure kits, you can consider our product. Made of high quality material, this pedicure manicure set is durable enough for longtime use. Our nail care set will be your best choice. This travel manicure set comes fourteen attachments to smooth rough skin and calluses and to shape and shine nails. The attachments will never wear out. This pedicure manicure set is made of high-quality steel. The nail shear makes for a perfect gift. Take this manicure pedicure kit with you anywhere and it has all the grooming tools you need to keep your nails and cuticles looking perfect. This beauty product will show your style. It is a wonderful gift for your friends. Your friends will like it very much! This classic manicure kit will give you the feeling of everything fresh and new, also are ones of the symbol of the quality life.Enjoy a salon quality manicure or pedicure at your convenience, in the comfort of your own home with the pedicure and manicure set. What are you waiting for? Don't hesitate! Order it now!

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    • The home pedicure manicure set includes skin knife, thick nail knife, thin nail knife, clavus knife, embedded nail knife, nail clipper, one pair of large nail clippers, one pair of middle nail clippers, one pair of bevel connection nail clippers, clamp clipper, skin clamp, file, one pair of clavus tweezers and scraper
    • This kind of home pedicure manicure set is great to repair your fingernails or toenails 
    • The design of home pedicure manicure set will satisfy your requirement
    • This pedicure kit can be used to pick the burr in your fingers and drag the soft skin between the finger and fingernail
    • This nail shear can repair the corn on your body when you need it
    • The home manicure set will be a great gift for your friends
    • Материал: Вольфрама сталь
    • Цвет:Серебро
    • Размер: 22.5 x 13.5 x 3.5cm/8.9 x 5.3 x 1.4in(L x W x H)


    PengJi Главная стали вольфрама Когтерез маникюрные наборы Набор 14pcs

    • The home manicure kits include skin knife, thick nail knife, thin nail knife, clavus knife, embedded nail knife, nail clipper, one pair of large nail clippers, one pair of middle nail clippers, one pair of bevel connection nail clippers, clamp clipper, skin clamp, file, one pair of clavus tweezers and scraper

    Педикюр Маникюр

    • The size and the shape of the professional manicure kits will satisfy your requirement

    PengJi Home Tungsten Steel Nail Clipper Manicure Kits Set 14Pcs

    • This home pedicure manicure set is packed in an elegant case

    PengJi Home Tungsten Steel Nail Clipper Manicure Kits Set 14Pcs

    • The home manicure kits are great for nursing your hand, feet and eyebrow etc

    PengJi Главная стали вольфрама Когтерез маникюрные наборы Набор 14pcs

    • This manicure kit set can be a delicate and decent for your friends

    Manicure Set Uses:

    Педикюр Маникюр

    Getting a manicure can be good for your appearance as well as for your health. By applying vitamins to your fingers and nails, manicurists help keep your hands healthy and clean. But professional manicures can be expensive. A simple home manicure set has several different uses that can take the place of costly manicures at a salon


    • Many of the tools in a manicure set are provided for clipping. Most sets include a basic set of nail clippers to cut fingernails. Another clipping aid is nail scissors, which shape and cut the nail, as well as a cuticle pusher and cutter to cut away cuticle skin along the base of the nail. Hangnail clippers make it easy to cut away cuticle skin lower on the finger before it tears away


    • Cleaning is another use for a manicure set. Nail cleaners, which are blunt points for removing dirt and dead skin below the tip of the nail, keep harmful bacteria from growing under the fingernails. Manicure sets also include files and buffers for removing debris or scratches from the surface of fingernails


    • Manicure sets are useful for filing, which can have several effects on the nail. Using a coarse file, you can alter the shape of the nail. Finer files are useful for softening the shape of the nail and making the edge of the nail dull and smooth by removing sharp edges. Finally, filing can remove scratches from the surface of the nail and leave a textured surface for applying polish


    • Home manicurists can use a manicure set to polish nails in two ways. The first is by applying clear or colored liquid nail polish using a brush. The other is by using a polishing cloth or a series of abrasive files to gradually smooth the nail and create a shiny finish naturally

    How To Give Yourself a Manicure With a Nail Set:

    PengJi Home Tungsten Steel Nail Clipper Manicure Kits Set 14Pcs

    The modern manicure began in the 18th century in Paris, France. Since then, women and men alike have indulged in keeping their fingernails healthy and looking good. There are many ways to obtain a manicure. A manicure at a salon can cost a lot of money, so if you are on a budget, you can give yourself one with a simple kit. Kits vary from simple to complex and involve all sorts of various polishes and techniques. The simplest of these kits can be used with a few easy steps


    • Wash your hands in the sink with mild soap. Make sure to scrub underneath your fingernails and remove all dirt particles
    • Fill a large bowl with warm water and place your hands in the water for 10 minutes. This is to soften the cuticles and nails to make the manicure process easier. It also serves to open pores on the skin to allow the moisturizer you will use later to be absorbed better
    • Cut your nails to your desired length using the clippers from your manicure kit. The curve of the nail should follow the natural curve of your cuticles. If you have rounded cuticles you should have rounded nails. If you have square cuticles you should have squared off nails
    • File the tips of each fingernail with the nail file from your manicure kit. All edges should be smooth to the touch and have no jagged or sharp parts. Use the buffer from your manicure kit to gently buff and polish the tops and edges of each nail. This will help any polish you apply to stick better and last longer
    • Push back the cuticle of each nail using the orange stick in your manicure kit. Lay the slanted end flat on the nail surface with the narrow end facing the cuticle. Gently push the orange stick against the cuticle until it moves back against the skin of your finger
    • Apply a good, high quality hand lotion to your hands and gently massage it in. Allow the lotion to absorb completely
    • Apply your choice of fingernail polish according to the directions on the bottle. Allow the polish to dry and then apply a second coat

    Советы и Amp; Предупреждения:

    • Always keep your nails dry and clean to cut back on the amount of manicures required to upkeep your nail health

    Пакет Включено:

    • 1 x Skin Knife
    • 1 x Thick Nail Knife
    • 1 x Thin Nail Knife
    • 1 x Clavus Knife
    • 1 x Embedded Nail Knife
    • 1 x Nail Clipper
    • 1 x Pair of Large Nail Clippers
    • 1 x Pair of Middle Nail Clippers
    • 1 x Pair of Bevel Connection Nail Clippers
    • 1 x Clamp Clipper
    • 1 x Skin Clamp
    • 1 х файла
    • 1 x Pair of Clavus Tweezers
    • 1 x скребок

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