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Прочные Мелкие Зеленый огнестойкие перчатки духовки

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Here we recommend a great product for you; it will protect your hands at home. This oven mitt is a necessary helper for you to wear when you baking products and burned food items. This durable light green flame resistant gloves oven mitt is a dream one. Protect your hands from hot pot handles with this slip-on heat protection oven mitt. The heat protection oven mitt is handy to have around the kitchen. The heat protection oven mitt also lets you remove hot pans from the stove top and barbecue tool from the oven without scalding your hands. Flexible gloves structure provides tremendous protection for hand, and wrist. Excellent for kitchen, BBQ; and any high temperature work. This flame resistant oven glove is flexible, provides all fingers grip, can withstand extreme heat and even an occasional flame. It is perfect for indoor/outdoor use, for the oven, grill, stovetop, and barbecue.The Cooking Glove is oversized to offer added protection against heat when removing hot items from the oven. It is an excellent product at home, and can make your cooking time happy and safe. Do not miss this stylish durable light green flame resistant gloves oven mitt, don't hesitate and take it at home now.
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  • Specifications:

    • Длина 55cm/21.7in 
    • Цвет:Светло-Зеленый
    • Материал:Хлопок
    • Марка:Другие Марки
    • Сделано в Азии
    • A hanging loop at the side design is convenient to store
    • This flower heat oven mitt offers protection from hot dishes
    • Bring security, color and style into your kitchen with a quality and durable oven mitt
    • The oven glove ensures cookware stability in your hands
    • Handmade quilting seam and applique on the surface adds beauty
    • The perfect way to bring both style and utility to the kitchen
    • Easy to clean with a damp cloth and machine washable
    • Cooking glove is also a practical gift
    • Wholesale Resistant Gloves Oven Mitt at Dailyshop.com, you will get the best price


    Newsper Durable Shallow Green Flame Resistant Gloves Oven Mitt

    • Bring security, color and style into your kitchen with a quality and durable heat protection oven mitt

    И NBSP; Духовки

    • The heat protection oven mitt lets you remove hot pans from the stove top and barbecue tool from the oven without scalding your hands

    И NBSP;  Печь Перчатка

    И NBSP;

    • The Cooking Glove is made of high quality material, it is durable and good to use

    Дополнительная Информация:

    Newsper Durable Shallow Green Flame Resistant Gloves Oven Mitt

    • Every home cook needs a well-stocked kitchen, complete with sets of sturdy, well-made potholders and oven mitts. Creative oven mitts and potholders add personality, color and interest to a kitchen's decor, especially in a rental where the family is unable to paint or remodel. Sewing oven mitts and potholders at home is a way to introduce children to using a sewing machine. Patchwork designs allow crafters to use leftover bits of fabric to complete a practical project

    Oven Mitt Project

    • Place a large sheet of paper on the table. Lay an oven mitt on top of the paper and trace its shape to create a pattern. Add 1/2 inch to all the sides in order to allow for sewing seams. Cut out the pattern
    • Fold a piece of cotton batting in half. Pin the oven mitt pattern on top of the cotton batting. Cut the oven mitt shape out from the cotton batting. If the pieces are joined together by a fold, unfold the fabric and cut along the fold. There should be two pieces of oven-mitt-shaped cotton batting. Repeat with the fabric for the lining and the outside of the oven mitt
    • Layer the pieces so the lining fabric is on top, the batting is in the middle and the outer fabric is on the bottom. Pin the pieces together about 1/2 inch away from the edge. Use scissors to make a small snip between the thumb and rest of the hand
    • Set the sewing machine to perform a zigzag stitch. Stitch around the outside edge of the project. Do not stitch around the bottom--leave it open
    • Turn the oven mitt right side out. Cut a thin strip of fabric from the same fabric used for the lining. Pin it around the bottom edge of the oven mitt, leaving 1/4 inch hanging over the edge. Turn the bottom of the oven mitt inside out, pull the fabric edge around to the inside and pin in place. Thread a needle with coordinating thread and hand sew the edging in place, tucking in the raw edge for a finished edge

    Potholder Project

    • Draw a 9-inch square on a piece of paper to create a pattern for a potholder project. Cut out the pattern and pin it on to a piece of folded cotton batting. Cut out the batting. Unfold the fabric and cut along the seam to create two 9-inch square pieces of batting
    • Repeat Step 1 with two colors of fabric
    • Layer the pieces together as so: two pieces of the first fabric, two pieces of cotton batting, and two pieces of the second fabric. Pin all of the pieces together
    • Set the sewing machine to a standard, straight stitch pattern. Sew all pieces of the potholder together using a 1/4-inch seam allowance
    • Cut a thin strip of fabric and pin it along the edge of the square, leaving ¼ inch hanging off the edge. Flip the project over, fold the fabric strip around the edge and pin it in place on the other side. Fold the edge under 1/4 inch and pin. Thread a needle and hand sew the fabric strip in place to finish the edges of the potholder

    How to Clean Oven Gloves:

    Newsper Durable Shallow Green Flame Resistant Gloves Oven Mitt

    • Baking products and burned food items can stain and stick to a conventional oven mitt. Cleaning the oven mitt immediately after it gets dirty prevents stains and food from staying on the mitt even after it is washed. However, washing an oven mitt in a washing machine may not completely clean the mitt. Soaking it in a cleaning solution removes stains and food from the mitt without causing damage to it
    • Fill a clean sink or bucket with 1 cup of non-bleach liquid laundry detergent, 1 cup of white vinegar, and enough cool water to fully submerge the oven mitt
    • Submerge the oven mitt in the solution
    • Soak the oven mitt for roughly 30 minutes, then turn the mitt inside out. Soak it for 30 more minutes
    • Remove the oven mitt from the solution. Scrub the mitt with a soft-bristled brush, such as a toothbrush, to remove any food or other stains from the mitt. Rinse the mitt in clean water
    • Hang the mitt in a ventilated area or outdoors until it's completely dry

    Пакет Включено:

    • 2 x Gloves

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